A MarryOke is a fun way to share the joy of your wedding day in an absolutely original way bringing together highlighting for you marriage video. Singing to your favourite song during highlights of your special day; preparation at home with your parents, the wedding ceremony, just married with the rice in your hair, while you go to the wedding banquet, during the wedding dinner and immediately after the cut of the cake.

I will eventually explain you the details of it, if you are curious to enjoy with this unusual to record a wedding video. 

Mr Movie is able to capture his emotions and tell your most beautiful day in a movie. He knows how to capture the details of the marriage party, the sounds, the music, the voices of the bride and groom. You can then see and review, the smiles, the preparations, the wedding dress, the hairstyle, the make-up, the banquet, the dances and the cake of your wedding reception in a beautiful movie.

You will also be able to post your video on Facebook, or show it to WathsApp contacts.

A MarryOke example recorded in Germany

Here you can watch an other example done in Italy.

I fluent speak ENG, FRA, ESP and of course ITA, so I can easily interact with you and every your local supplier!