In this corporate business video you can see the production of a glass vase at Murano (Venezia – Italy)

From the silica sand liquified at 1.100°C, the glass masters of the Vivarini’s furnaces produce unique goblets, drinking glasses, vases, ornaments, classic Venetian chandeliers and of course the modern contemporary fine art. The corporate video shows the production of this business activity.
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Vivarini corporate video
Vivarini corporate video

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First camera, drone and editing: Riccardo Ugo
Second camera: Alessandro Di Federico

Entirely filmed with Canon 5D Mark III, C100 Mark II and DJI Phantom Pro.
Lens used: Canon 16-35mm f4 and 17-55mm f2.8, Sigma 50-150mm f2.8.
Audio: digital Zoom recorder.
Music: Inspiring by AudioCrow