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This is a wedding at villa Teodolinda.

Tania was hidden with Anna in their room until the very last moment and at the same time Giovanni was getting dressed upstairs.
During that time, the future bride and her maid were getting their make up and hair done.
The villa Toedolinda got ready before the guests started to arrive for the wedding, with gorgeous tables adorned with fragrant flowers.
When the Mayor arrived, all the guests descended to the garden by the lake to wait for the bride and her father.
Giovanni was clearly excited and could not stop crying even when his brother, translating the Mayor words, declared them husband and wife!
Hugs and kisses to all, before going on board the legendary Riva yacht on the Como Lake being serenaded by Scottish bag pipes played by Carlo Musitelli.
After the wedding they go with the boat on a trip on te lake.

Then they come back to the wedding party at villa Teodolinda to start the traditional speech of the bride’s father, then the groom and the best man.
Perfect dinner and the party organised by Blunotteventi, before the sumptuous wedding cake cut, the bouquet and garter final launch.

A special thanks for the the professional support to Simone Imperioli as a 2nd camera operator to record this wedding at villa Teodolinda.

Wedding at villa Teodolinda
Tania & Giovanni wedding movie

Thumbnail photo, from idea of Cristiano Ostinelli.

Wedding at villa Teodolinda mainly filmed with Canon DSLR: 5D Mark III, 70D and 7D.