Business or corporate video communicates like no other media, to advertise your companies services and products.

Mr Movie handles all aspects of recording and production of your communication video. With marketing video you can direct post it on your website, Facebook page or Twitter account.

This method of marketing allows you to reach targeted audiences encouraging them to get involved, to share their experiences.

The Social media solution we propose are short 30- 90 second clips tailored for mobile.

We produce promotional and on-line training video, or to share your annual convention. A Mr Movie film making concept has been developed to move with you where you need to be.

How I work.

The company video tells in detail how your business works, how production reaches high quality levels, how marketing studies the best solution for your products or services. The details of the industrial process will be hidden if you prefer to keep them secret, while the film will make it clear that attention to detail is your priority. We will involve the entire company in the creation of your video business card, for instance: from production to employees, from the purchasing department to quality control, from the warehouse to finance and from logistics to R&D product development.

The realization of the work for you will begin with the first collection of your needs. Above all, I will understand what your target objectives are and what marketing focus do you want to achieve. Then you will be presented with an implementation idea (with possible storyboards), on which we will discuss together and then start the video recordings. Once the images have been captured with professional cameras and furthermore very bright lenses, after that a first draft of the video will be edited to be subjected to your analysis. Finally we will proceed with the final adjustments, to arrive at a final result consistent with your expectations.

In conclusion, more captivating and communicative business or corporate video, production engages your customers and gets them talking about you.

Business corporate video
Business or corporate video

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