• Integral wedding video

    Do you want every little detail to be filmed, that every speech is recorded, because you do not want to miss any of the details you meticulously organized for your wedding party? I will then make a longer video than usual, inserting the recordings of the original voices and sounds […]

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  • Modern wedding video

    Extravagant, out of the ordinary? You want a wedding video that shares the originality and details of your wedding day? Together we will choose the style that best meets your needs and makes a lasting impression of your special day. [html5_vp2 id="823801" type="bottom_playlist" auto_hide_controllers="true" show_info="false"][html5_vp2_playlist_item title="Playlist Item 1" mp4="https://mrmovie.it/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Contact.mp4"][/html5_vp2_playlist_item][/html5_vp2] Read more
  • Short-short wedding video

    On a limited budget for your wedding video but want to share the memory? A trailer format of a few minutes is the best way to capture your wedding day.

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  • Merryoke

    A fun way to share the joy of your day in an absolutely original way bringing together highlighting. Singing to your favourite song during highlights of your special day; preparation at home with your parents, the wedding ceremony, just married with the rice in your hair, while you go to […]

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  • Mixed version of the wedding video

    The mixed version of the wedding video is a non-chronological story of the highlights of your day. An example could be starting from the exchange of wedding rings, then move on to the fireworks above the lake, the first dance, the speech of the bride’s father, the signatures of the […]

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  • Classic wedding video

    The classic wedding video chronicles what happened during your most beautiful day. Beginning with the preparations of the bride helped by her bridesmaids, the groom in the company of his closest friends, relatives and friends. Sharing the most important moments of the wedding ceremony: the bride’s entrance, the promise of […]

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