In this sport video of a MTB enduro race during a warm and sunny Sunday, May 15th 2016. 200 athletes battled on the 3 special stages of the second run of the Enduro Cup Lombardia 2016 in Tavernerio.

After a few days of rain during the last week, the almost completely dry tracks offered perfect grip conditions. All the participants who came to this important event loved it because it was great.

In front of everyone in the overall rankings came the two homonyms Bruno Dada and Bruna Benedusi.
On the men’s podium, behind Bruno, Thomas Oldrati, who improves the third place of the first stage in Petosino (BG) and Marco Fumagalli.
Bruna instead precedes the teammate Jessica Bormolini and Diana Rebecca Weidner.
Among the 200 participants were numerous young people in the youth categories. This is a sign that this specialty of mtb is spreading even more among the younger ones.

Despite the fatigue, at the end of the day the athletes were very happy and many wanted to congratulate Bike & Co ASD, organizing company, for the precise and timely management of the event and the preparation of special tests.

The voice of the riders was joined by that of the provincial and regional representatives of the FCI, satisfied for the excellent outcome of the race. Therefore the response, as well as the participants, of the public, which is not lacking in the most spectacular sections of the tracks.

Enduro Cup Lombardia
Enduro Cup Lombardia at Tavernerio

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Recordings and video editing of this sport video MTB enduro race: Riccardo Ugo
GoPro bodyboard: Jeff Thevenon
Thumbnail: photo by Luca Vallongo
Music: Energy of inspiration – Audio Jungle